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AIA Professional Accountancy 

​Qualification Program


I. About

The Association of International Accountants (AIA) founded in 1928, is a global membership body for professional accountants, which promotes the concept of ‘international accounting’. AIA has created a global network of world class accountants in over 80 countries worldwide by offering high-quality, relevant and innovative qualifications; alongside the provision of first-class and tailored services for its members around the world.

In 2012 AIA have expended its accountancy profession to East Asia and opened its authorized courses with the sole collaborator in Taiwan, CSKM.

This year AIA celebrates its 90th Anniversary.


Chung Shou Knowledge Management Global Learning Centre (CSKM) is an experienced AIA’s cooperator to operate the training and the examinations authorized by AIA in TAIWAN. The participants take as genuine and practical courses in TAIWAN as in United Kingdom. CSKM channels the opportunities of studying oversea to meet the very demands. Except for TAIWAN, now CSKM introduces AIA programmes in Myanmar , Vietnam and has joint-programmes in China. CSKM provides for these Asian students with assistance of language skills, advises of career and sharing of global perspectives in local which sharply decrease participants’ expense and increase the possibility of their getting certificate or degree.

II. AIA Advantages
●  AIA was founded in the UK in 1928 as a global accountancy body and provides qualifications and services for members and students worldwide.

●  AIA has legislation permission, and is subject to Disciplinary Procedures and adhere to the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC note1) Code of Ethics. Also, England is the only nation which follow the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRSs). 

● In 1989, AIA obtained the recognition of RQB note 2 auditing qualification, and it’s the highest reputation so far.

● AIA is the largest economy in the world – the auditing organization of the EU

● The professional qualification of AIA is not only received the recognition of England the EU, but also is one of the highest standard accountants exam in the world. And, it’s the popular and valuable professional qualification in the accounting field.

● The courses are including generally financial accounting, banking, human resources, marketing, management and case study. Therefore, it’s reputed to be the Financial Accounting courses of MBA.

● At the present, AIA has many brands around the world. It was recognized by China, Taiwan, Ireland, Europe, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Canada, Caribbean, the United States, Africa and India. Its members spent all over 85 nations and amount about 150000 . Its members work in international company, multinational enterprise, and private organizations, or are an accountant.

● The members of AIA cover over 85 nations and it keeps developing tendency. There is information connection between members and the headquarters. It enforced academic exchange and industry communication. It also can ensure that the education quality and service can achieve the standard of global standards. At the same time, it satisfies with the innovation of the accounts and the needs of globalization.

Note 1: IFAC - International Federation of Accountants, 
Note 2: RQB - Recognized Qualifying Body 
Note 3:Enquiry for member who qualify for auditing - pass all the subjects, exam and professional consultant for auditing GBP $6,500,000 above. Contact us for further detail)。
III. Student Benefit
● AIA international Accountants certificates are International recognized.
● Increase student’s various abilities for their future careers.
● When graduation, the student can receive the International certificate straight. 
● Provide the internship opportunity in Taiwan, and China – Shanghai. 
● After graduation, student can get the short cutting to continue their master’s study in their local country or choose to go to UK. 
● All courses are delivered in Vietnam and students can study and take the exam in Vietnam. It actually reduces the study costs.
● It is suitable around the world with face to face teaching, monographic study, case study, group discussion and reviews. With the effective teaching model, it can enhance the rate of passing the exam.

IV. Course Structure
The formulation of AIA courses is widely investigated and consulted. So, the content integrated with estate and enterprise. It needs to have the ability to compile the reporting, understanding of financial information. Among the service of company, human affairs, company law and business law and financial reporting is all the point of the courses. Besides, we have detail analysis of professional advanced financial management, auditing, taxations and business strategy. With practical case study and practice, our members can control and perform the financial accounting knowledge. Also, they can enhance the ability of analysis and intellect. Because of its full, completeness and integrity, it’s reputed to be the Financial Accounting courses of MBA.

Foundation Level in 6 courses
The Foundation Level ensures that you have a practical understanding of the techniques, principles and knowledge that forms the basis for further accounting study. With passing the foundation level exam, members can obtain the AIA Examinations Certificate in Accounting.

Professional Level 1 in 6 courses
Significant technical development of professional knowledge and skills are acquired at this stage, which this is now set within an analytical and critical framework. Exam questions are case study or scenario based. With passing the Professional Level 1 exam, members can obtain the AIA examinations Advanced Diploma in Accounting. At the same time, it can connect with 8 universities in the UK. Once members study with one year program, they can obtain the bachelor degree of financial management. Also, it can apply for master’s degree that they pass the exam after one year, and then they can obtain the master’s degree.

Professional Level 2 in 4 courses
Professional ability is the key to this level. Current professional issues and an ability to deal with complex and demanding situations are developed. This is set within a framework testing application and evaluation skills. 

Senior financial accounting theory can fully reveal in the global business environment. The skill of analysis is asked for errorless statistics and information with senior management strategy. Financial Accounting, Business Management and Professional Practice can make you become capable and professional accountants. With passing the Professional Level 2 exam, members can obtain AIA Professional Examinations. It can apply directly for many MBA courses abroad. Also, it can obtain the MBA degree abroad.

Students following the RPQ route are required to sit the MDCS upon completion of the Professional 2 level exams

V. The Internationalization and Statutory of AIA
In Taiwan, according to the exam regulations of the Ministry of Examination, article 6 of item 3, whom has the abroad certificate of accountant, can apply for exemption for 4 subjects. Also, it need to exam for other 3 subjects. After passing the exam, they can be the CPA in Taiwan.
In England, the professional diploma of AIA was recognized. The members of AIA are provided with professional auditing ability. They also can be practicing accountants, and get into the field which including auditing, taxation, bankruptcy and consultant of investment.
Among the members of the EU, the certificate of AIA is recognized and can deal with auditing in statutory company.
In China, the AIA and the CFO has signed the agreement of the AMIA which can develop in China. These two authoritative organizations issued the bilingual certificates. The Association of CFO was approved legally by the Ministry of Civil Affairs, and it’s an organization which can cross-region, cross-departments, cross-trade and cross-national.
AIA has a Mutual Examination Paper Exemption (MEPE) with the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants (HKICPA), which allows AIA Hong Kong and UK members to apply for membership of the HKICPA after meeting the conditions in the agreement.
In Malaysia, the AIA membership qualification is also recognized by the Public Service Division. In 1967, the revision of taxation, the Malaysia government admitted that the qualification of tax agents.
In Singapore, the Singapore Branch was instrumental in ensuring that the amendments to the Singapore Companies Act were drafted to include AIA members as statutorily recognized company secretaries. In the following year, the Branch was admitted to the Singapore Professional Centre, of which the Branch continues to remain an active member.
In Cyprus, the professional qualification of AIA was regard as stepping stone which can be auditing in a company.
In the part of the Caribbean, the professional qualification was recognized by the company law and professional organizations.
In India, the professional qualification of AIA was working in partnership with the Institute of Chartered of India (ICAI).
Founded in 1928, AIA has promoted the concept of 'international accounting' to create a global network of accountants.
VI. Application Requirements
【Entry requirements】

● Diploma or above with 2 related working experiences

● Degree (or equivalent) with 1 related professional working experience

●  In school Master student or Master degree (or equivalent)

● Qualify for register accountant, register auditor, economist, actuary, project manager, statistician, tax agent, lawyer, accountant, investment and insurance relate work.  

● Professional certificate for finance, economics and management. 

● Non above but have special contribution and accomplishment – submit the resume for further approval

【Application documents】

● Application form

● Original one copy for the highest education certificate and transcript 

● Work references or two business name cards

● One copy of the passport

● 5 of 2 inch colour photo graph

● application fee。