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Bachelor Program Master Program


National Taipei University

The centennial school innovating Business education favorite


National Taipei University of Business which is located on Taipei Center, Chinese referred to Beishang or Beishang Da xue, English abbreviation NTUB, is the famous and the only National University of Business. The university is not only for three years consecutive won the first place of the most favorite vision survey of hiring graduates and researching education focuses on application of academic research and practice, at the same time the publication of paper and industry-university cooperation has been achieved outstanding and emphasize the cultivation of student’s attitude character, soft power and international motion ability. 

The national Taipei University of Business which was founded in 1917, is a public school and has higher academic status and influence. Formerly National Taipei Business College and it is also the only business university in Taiwan. The North has positioned as a business practice teaching university, taught in both theory and practice, long-term development to innovation as the main materials, focuses on the case study, application and innovation network, performance achievements, cultivate good character and professional ability for the enterprise's innovative talents. 

The alumni of university has reached more than ten million people and business elite nurtured numerous alumni in addition to emerge them both public and private sectors, in regard to the political, cultural, educational and social care highlights. Outstanding alumni as the former president Wang Jianxuan, former dean of the administrative supervision, Xie Changting Vision World Cultural Group founder Gao Xijun, Polaris financial group, former president Bai Wenzheng, founder of Zhuang Fu, Luk Fook Group WIKO Group Chairman Chen Dingchuan, honorary chairman Lu Mingzhu, the construction of the Thai Czech Group Chairman Lin Changxun, and President Qiu Junrong, chairman Lin Minxiong, the whole union welfare center XPEC technology chairman Xu Jinlong, general manager of China Sea Science and technology Li Cong junction, north automobile chairman Zhou Qinxian, have outstanding contribution in the field of work. 








【National Taipei University of Business】

● Good geographical position; nurturing a top business talented person

● To be excellent student quality, graduation ability comes first

● Multi - career counseling; seamless integration into the workplace

● Integrated resources; create a new opportunity for the production

● Encourage creative innovation; students participate in many awards

● Set up innovative incubation centers; promote industrial research

● English and intercultural studies, enhancement of international outlook of teachers and students

● Strategic alliances across school; combined with the use of external resources

● Outstanding alumni; Alumni resources

 Specialized laboratories; offering high quality characteristic teaching



Department of international business-curriculum plan

Teaching features

Department of the master of science in international business (hereinafter referred to as the master line) always uphold the national foster international trade and international business professionals for the country, with a complete curriculum planning, strict guidance mechanism, in addition to imparting professional knowledge and skills, as well as to strengthen students' humanistic character to develop so far, alumni has considerable achievements in related fields.
























(一)  Cultivate professional quality

1. Tie the development of the employment market and the Department's expertise, continue to revise the standard curriculum

2. Combine international business and business development seminars,participation national race

3. Open international business Institute, providing students with further learning channels and academic atmosphere within the Department

4. Enhance employment competitiveness, strengthen certification guidance

5. Upgrade teaching quality, promotion learning effectiveness

6. Practical course planning, practice lectures and information systems simulation operations, To increase the practical experience

7. Expand enterprise internships, business visits, employment seminars, etc., , promotion students workplace experience

8.Improve teachers' functions ,strengthened teaching quality


(二) Increasing international vision

1.  Improve internationalization capabilities,  plan multiple language courses, strengthened foreign language skills

2. Improve the integration capability, planning of "International Program" all English courses

3.  Short-term invite foreign experts and scholars to give lectures

4.  International exchanges and foreign visits


(三) Implementing social care

1. Promote character leadership education in the Department

2.  Offering service-learning courses


【Curriculum structure】

(一)  length of schooling:schooling for 8 semesters (four years) the principle of students within the study period, managed to build enough regular credits, extended length , at least two year extension.

(二) Graduation scores: total 128 credits, including required 98 credits (including General 26 credits , including Internship 16 credits); 30 credits. 













【Curriculum Features】

(一) Curriculum planning is divided into three major areas: international business management, international finance, finance and international trade.

(二with "international business topics" courses to enhance students ' professional skills and the ability to integrate.

【Methods of training】

(一)  Study for degree courses in Chinese and English

(二)  Teaching methods: the teacher combines many professional ways  : Through face-to-face, case study, group discussion, classroom lectures, tours, in-depth learning.

(三)  Three academic years in your nation, local learning, enhance the Chinese language abilities, the fourth academic year to study in Taiwan campus courses, and professional training.

【Entrance qualification】

● Admissions object: high school or ten years of graduation

● Registration time: from now on, -31 July 2017

● Expected to school time: September 2017

● Class locations: Sanchaung Township,Yangon


【Form of application】

(一)  Selections try way: written examination data (60%) and based test (40%)

1. Written examination data (60%)

(1) Resume

(2) Diploma or equivalent certificate

(3) Autobiography a copies (containing future career prospect)

(4) Transcripts of past school years

(5) Passport copies or other nationality proved file 

(6) 3 photos, recently three months within two inches of positive color bust 

(7) A copy of the application form

(8) Certificate of proficiency in Mandarin (if not available)

(9) Professional achievements performance data or other has help review of proved file data (containing personal learning performance, and award records, and creation, and patent, and invention, and performances and the published,)

2.  Basic tests (40%)

 (二) Admission criteria:

1. The total score out of 100 points, which are calculated. Results from up to second decimal places (third after four to five homes): total score = (review score x review total score ratio (+) based test scores x based test total score ratio).

2. The outside of the school admissions Committee according to the candidates ' overall score, the approved minimum admissions standards. To reach the minimum admission standards, according to their total scores high or low order accepted as admission to places filled, non-acceptance of this standard, as available.  If the candidates do not meet the minimum admission standards, though there is also no admission quota.

3.  If you have any candidates a zero or even absent, the total score reached the lowest admission standards, also not accepted.

4. As shown in the table are taken and named according to the total score high and low ranking,  such as scores of more than two people total score the same, is to score a written review of high priority; if the written examination subjects of the total score is the same, are admitted.


【Benefits of studying abroad in Taiwan】

◆  To study in Taiwan,you can access to more advanced technology and education, development can be better based on the original study.

◆  In addition to professional courses, and through internships, internships, lay the foundation for future work; especially if go home after graduation to develop, this is a more obvious advantages.

◆   In addition, you can also make new friends,  it is a huge intangible assets; expanding social circles and connections.

◆  When the rise of Chinese interest in the world, to study in Taiwan can help you naturally grasp Chinese ability.

◆  According to the British Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) survey, Taipei ranked fifth best Asian international city, the world's twenty-third place ranking continues to rise.

◆  Compared with the European and American countries, Taiwan has perfect education system and the world famous university, is a relatively low cost.




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Address: 707, No.99(B), Myay Nu St., Sanchuang Tsp., Ygn. 

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