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Our international offices are set in Taiwan, Vietnam, and Myanmar, dealing with various study plans of international professional certificate programs and academic degree programs.

CSKM understands the industries’ demands and values the quality and services it provides to its students. Our mission is to provide relevant courses and training to students to ensure they possess the needed skills and knowledge to achieve their career goals.


2019/03/17 第十屆AIA UK CPA國際會計師的授證典禮

第十屆AIA UK CPA國際會計師的授證典禮暨中正大學簽約儀式於17日,下午在集思北科大會議中心舉行,為通過認證之8位AIA學員授證頒發AIA專業會計證書圓滿完成,感謝各位學員,財經界的長官及同業先進踴躍參與盛會。

本年度獲AIA國際會計師證照之學員,有國富浩華聯合會計師事務所 吳孟達合夥會計師, 建畿聯合會計師事務所 余建畿合夥會計師, 國富浩華聯合會計師

2019/03/08 緬甸英國商會國際婦女節講座


為了紀念國際婦女節, 英國商會與長期合作夥伴PWC配合一起舉辦婦女節的演講活動. 他們通過多種方式讓來自緬甸各地和全球各地的女性和男性演講者走上舞台並且激勵許多在緬甸的職業婦女的觀眾.

演講者有Jane Cordell (Result CIC) , Htar Htar (Akhaya), Paul Joicey and Jana Naujoks (DaNa Facility), Sein Lyan Tun (PS Films Production) and Nang Ei Mon Mon (How She Did It).

2019/03/23 Project Management - Digital Leadership Workshop

Professor Charlie from Appalachian State University, USA, is invited to Myanmar on March 23 to present project management workshop. Designed by PMP for top managers, this is an opportunity to up skill yourself with the technological language and tools in the domain of project management.
* The workshop will be presented in English.

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Chung Shou Knowledge Management Global Learning Center (CSKM) cooperates with established international universities in China, Europe, and the US to provide educational opportunities for students who seek to broaden their global vision.

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