Transport of containerised goods permitted in Yangon during the day


Transport of containerised goods permitted in Yangon during the day



Transport of selected containerised goods will now be permitted within the city during the day, U Soe Naing, secretary of Myanmar Container Trucks Association, said yesterday.

The decision breaks a 2-year-long regulation by the Yangon Region Government prohibiting container trucks from entering the city during the day. 

It could also significantly improve trade as well as delivery times within the city.  

Now though, trucks transporting approved containerised goods will be allowed to move through the city. 

Goods scheduled for exports will be brought to the container depot in front of Insein Steel Factory on Bayintnaung Road. Container pickup and transport to the ports west of Yangon will begin at 11am.

Meanwhile, imported goods will be assembled at a holding area near the Asia World port, where pickup will begin at 1pm.
The trucks will be escorted by traffic police who will help ensure their smooth and safe passage through the congested roads of Yangon city. 

The arrangement was agreed upon by the Yangon Region Government, traffic police, Myanmar Container trucks Association and traders. It will be carried out over a one-week testing period. 

If successful, the present trucking schedule will continue going forward, said U Soe Naing.

It will also ease an existing distribution bottleneck that is slowing down delivery of goods and chalking up unnecessary costs for shippers. 

This is because goods manufactured at Thilawa Special Economic Zone and Yangon’s other industrial zones, which are located in the east, can move more quickly to port. Meanwhile, imported goods will also be delivered to shops and homes much sooner.