2019/03/23 Project Management - Digital Leadership Workshop


2019/03/23 Project Management - Digital Leadership Workshop

Professor Charlie from Appalachian State University, USA, is invited to Myanmar on March 23 to present project management workshop. Designed by PMP for top managers, this is an opportunity to up skill yourself with the technological language and tools in the domain of project management. 
* The workshop will be presented in English.

1. Professor Charlie C. Chen Background
.Faculty Experience:
Professor at Appalachian State University, USA.
Visiting faculty at Zhejiang University in China
Visiting faculty at Thammasat University in Thailand
Visiting faculty at Gakushuin Women's College in Japan.
Ph.D. from Claremont Graduate University, USA
Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP)
PMP (Project Management Certification since 2006)
Authored 4 books, and 100+ academic findings on published journals

2. Workshop Summary
Project management is the use of management knowledge, tools, and technology on aspects of managing different stages of project, to solve project issues and challenges encountered and achieve shifting business objectives. Therefore it is essential for managers at all levels to prepare for new ideas and concepts evolving from today's technology. How to utilize the new perspective and accelerated digitalization to benefit your team? This workshop will give you the scientific methodology, language, and practical management tools to advance your project management command to the next level. 

3. Date and Time
Saturday, March 23
2:00Pm – 4:30PM

4. Location
CSKM Global Education Centre.
Twin Centro Condo No.35, Baho Road, Sanchaung Tsp, Ygn, Myanmar