2019/04/027 《Leadership Excellence - Building Blocks of Successful Transformation For Executive》


2019/04/027 《Leadership Excellence - Building Blocks of Successful Transformation For Executive》

HEC Liege University, the provider of one of the best executive master’s degree programs in Myanmar, successfully held a seminar on the topic of developing a mindset for achieving leadership excellence.

The seminar featured guest speaker, Mr Filip A. Lauwerysen, the Secretary General of EBOWWN and Executive Director of EuroCham Myanmar.

Mr. Lauwerysen started his career in a number of modest roles, including working as a milk delivery man, a kindergarten teacher and as a waiter. However, since these early days, his career has developed successfully and today he holds the position of Secretary General of EBOWWN. His life wasn’t always easy and as successful. He also had moments of confusion, sadness and struggles in life. What changed him is that he realized the importance of both investing time and working on his personal development. Time is more valuable than money and he never stops self-improvement.

Other than sharing his own career path from his early days to where he is today, Mr Lauwerysen particularly mentioned the “40+40 Rule”. The rule states that, other than the normal working week of 40 hours, one should invest no less than 40 hours in personal development. Developing one's own philosophy of passion, excellence, and economic drive, is a vital process to success. Another major factor of success is finding the right reference group – the winning group which gives you positive energy and positive feedback for your actions.

The Executive Master’s Degree program offers exactly what is needed to find the formula for success. The qualification closes the fundamental skills gap in business management in a fast-changing world. Participants will study alongside a group of winners who are hardworking and positive minded peers with devotion to life-long learning. In situations where business challenges occur, these are the successful executives and entrepreneurs who have already established strong connections as study peers from different industries and backgrounds, to help them gain new perspectives for them to break through and achieve leadership excellence. The conceptual mindset differentiates exceptional leaders from others.

The HEC Liege Executive master’s degree program is aided by its fully international educational faculties in the US, Canada, Switzerland, Belgium and Taiwan. It benefits its students with a variety of teaching styles from different cultures, increasing the readiness of the program’s candidates to be internationally mobile, being a quality much sought after in high-level executives in Myanmar.

Degree program participants cover a total of 15 courses, each studied during one weekend per month, after which they obtain their master’s degree from the HEC Liege Management School of the University of Liege. With the university’s globally top-ranking position and top business school accreditation from AACSB and EQUIS, participants have peace of mind, knowing the quality of their master’s degree education is of the highest standards. The flexibility of the program is also a much-appreciated feature, as participants can choose the courses to study according to their own schedule, allowing them to achieve balance in work and life.

For any interest in this world leading executive master’s degree, or professional training programs, please contact the workshop organizer CSKM Global Education Centre at 097 7386 4478/099 7793 0133. CSKM education consultants are ready to answer all your inquiries.