Career will bring you insights into the opportunities for corporate change


Career will bring you insights into the opportunities for corporate change

Faced with the severe test of the turbulent era, transformation is imperative. Managers strive to break through against the trend, innovative thinking to enhance competitiveness, and assist enterprises in successful transformation.

Without change, it is difficult for a company to succeed.

In response to the drastic changes in today’s global market and economic challenges looming one after another, Career Technology has not been afraid of this predicament and has made innovations and breakthroughs. It integrates upstream, midstream and downstream manufacturers to link production information, creating Taiwan’s first cross-supply chain smart production line, and forward-looking technology trends to establish smart manufacturing , The transformation strategy of advancing with the times has become an indispensable key to success in reversing the decline.


❙ Why does your organization/team need corporate change?

❙ Enterprise change management advantages

❙ The key wisdom of successful change and insight into the company's success path

❙ Use technology to build smart manufacturing


➨ Speaker introduction

Career Technology, Cai Changying Chairman

❙ Related experience

Chairman of Baixiang Enterprise (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd.

Chairman of Plenty Enterprise Ltd.

Chairman of Conduct Investments Ltd.

Yuan Ze University Institute of Management Distinguished Alumni


Activity time: 2020-11-21 (Saturday) 10:00AM

Venue: 3F, No. 19, Xuchang Street, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City (MRT Taipei Main Station Exit M8)

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