New zone seen as a role model for growth


New zone seen as a role model for growth

New zone seen as a role model for growth


International experts and media reports say China’s new economic zone will help relieve the burdens of Beijing as a metropolis, promote regional coordinated development and create a new growth pole for China, setting an example for developing economies.

China announced on April 1 that it would establish the Xiongan New Area in North China’s Hebei province, as part of measures to advance the coordinated development of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region.

Bambang Suryono, an Indonesian scholar and president of the Jakarta-based Nanyang ASEAN Foundation, said Beijing, a megalopolis with a history as capital of more than 800 years, is facing such “urban ills” as traffic jams that plague big cities.

Setting up the Xiongan New Area to build a creative and livable city will help ease Beijing’s urban burdens, Suryono said.

The establishment of the Xiongan New Area is “the latest step in China’s efforts to cure severe ‘urban ills’, such as traffic congestion and air pollution in Beijing by curbing the capital’s population growth and moving certain nonessential facilities, including manufacturing and logistics, to nearby regions,” says a report from Press Trust of India.

Authorities intend to transform the region into a new growth pole, it said.

Ronnie Lins, CEO of Center China Brazil: Research & Business, said that avoiding overdevelopment of mega cities is a common issue facing all developing countries.

The Chinese government is exploring new development models for big cities, diversifying their functions and easing their burdens, which will solve environmental issues, promote development of surrounding areas and provide references for other developing countries, Lins said.

Zhu Zhiqun, a political-science professor at Bucknell University in Pennsylvania in the United States, said the establishment of the Xiongan New Area is an important measure that will greatly influence China’s future development.



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